3D Motion Flow

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A simple and easy to implement Flash and XML gallery component that shows photos as animated thumbnails on a 3D perspective grid




3D Motion Flow uses the Away3D and Tweener animation engines for smooth and fast 3D perspective renderings.

At page load images are loaded as random thumbnails displayed on the page's canvas.

Hovering the mouse around them makes them pop up and align themselves as a grid.

As the user hovers his mouse around the page, thumbs are pulled and others are attached to the grid as the cursor nears them.

Clicking on an image will make it pop up into a full blown modal image viewer.

The component is controlled via an external XML settings file. Here developers can change both the images and the gallery's overall settings and animations.
Last updated on February 26th, 2015
3D Motion Flow - Images are displayed in a 3D perspective on the Flash canvas3D Motion Flow - If the user clicks an image thumb, the full image will be displayed floating above the rest of the gallery

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