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Redmine is one of the oldest and long-standing Ruby projects around.

It was created for developers and specifically for those that work in teams or groups on one or more projects.

Redmine is very similar to what Trac is for Python developers and provides most of the same tools.

Developers can deploy it for everything they want, may it be related to coding or not.

Redmine can be used as a software tracker for public open source projects, or it can be used inside companies for closed source projects, all from the same installation.

This is possible because of its masterful permissions system that Redmine comes packed with, allowing administrators to control who and what can access.
Last updated on May 11th, 2015
Redmine - Redmine is an advanced project management toolkit for any kind of developersRedmine - It was written in Ruby on Rails and can track various facets of a Web projectRedmine - Support is included for activity logs, bug reporting, wikis, forums, file managers and moreRedmineRedmine

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A Ruby on Rails application that can be used to manage coding projects, may them be for desktop, mobile or Web-based environments


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