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An easy to use PHP script that adds a custom interface for the Apache built-in directory listing and browsing index page, beautifying how files and folders are dumped on the user's screen




Windex is quite easy to install, and even easier to customize, working mainly via CSS.

The script works by adding extra CSS styles to the directory listing page, and also adding a custom set of file extension icons to the folders and a few common file types.

Besides just adding a custom style for Apache's directory view, Windex also comes with a special skin for mobile devices (or the user's browser width goes under 480px).

Another great Windex feature is its support for README files, detecting and automatically embedding the README's file content right under the directory listing.

Windex can detect and parse README files written in both Textile and Markdown.

These options and other more can be customized or disabled via Windex's config.php file.
Last updated on October 22nd, 2010
Windex - Windex can be used to style Web-based directory viewsWindex - Windex also comes with support for a special skin to use on mobile devices

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