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A questions and answers forum written in Python, providing a self-hosted, open source alternative to popular services like StackOverflow




Askbot allows users to ask questions and wait answers from the community.

The site is mainly inspired by the StackOverflow website, a community of Web developers helping each other in various fields of activity.

The main functionality found on StackOverflow can also be found with Askbot, the system providing a fully-functional clone of all the basic features.

This means open registration for all users, easy process for asking questions, voting on both questions & answers, user profile pages, rewards system for active users, and flagging of inappropriate content.

Of course, there are also email alerts, a questions tagging system, a built-in search system, multiple user levels, an administration panel, and importers for StackExchange, Jive, and ZenDesk.

All-in-all, a very robust system, a powerful Q&A platform with the only downside it runs on Python, a lesser used technology when compared to PHP.
Last updated on April 22nd, 2015
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