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A fully customizable e-commerce platform for ASP.NET, letting webmasters run a fully-fledged online store on top of their Windows-based infrastructure






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nopCommerce is an ASP.NET 4.0 platform for selling goods online, tailored to work together with an MSSQL database and other Microsoft products.

It features an embedded graphic installer, so nopCommerce can be setup in few minutes and run immediately, and also a top notch admin panel for managing the store's content.

There are two separate parts of the nopCommerce system, one for managing the store details, and one working as a classic CMS, used in administrating the site's pages, forums, news, blogs, and so on.

The store's frontend is customizable via themes, and its functionality can also be extended via modules.

There are lots of e-commerce related features included as well, like the ability to manage discounts, customer accounts, wishlists, peek into current shopping carts, and also create custom product pages with lots of different product attributes listed.

Admins can also run nopCommerce in a multi-lingual setting, catering to different user groups, from different countries, or speaking different languages.

All in all, nopCommerce is one solid toolkit for creating online shops with ASP.NET, proving that Microsoft's language is up to par with all the other programming languages around.

The e-commerce platform is available for free under an open source license, but to remove the copyright notice from the footer a commercial license must be purchased.
Last updated on June 17th, 2015
nopCommerce - nopCommerce is a powerful online store platform for ASP.NETnopCommerce - The platform comes with an easy to use administration panelnopCommerce - In the nopCommerce backend, admins can manage products, categories, orders, shipments, and so onnopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommercenopCommerce

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