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A top of the line PHP shopping cart platform, available under a freemium model but with commercial licenses available for more features






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X-Cart is an online shop builder, an e-commerce platform built on PHP, capable of working with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

It lets webmasters easily create online stores using a visual interface molded around well-known Web technologies like Bootstrap, LESS, Underscore.js, jQuery, jQuery UI, Doctrine, and HHVM.

The platform addresses developers by providing support for themes & modules, also being built using OOP & MVC code.

But this doesn't mean it is limited to advanced users only, providing an easy to use GUI for managing both the store and its content.

The X-Cart admin panel is where everything is managed, starting from the static pages and ending with the products themselves.

Product attributes, images, categories, inventory details, and shipping information can all be managed via X-Cart, along with information about recent orders, sales reports, and discounts.

The userbase is also controllable via the X-Cart admin, where users can go and manage the user account information and check out their access rights.

Store administrators can also use X-Cart to run marketing campaigns for the shop's products, setup various payment gateways, shipping methods, and even allow users to authenticate via their social accounts.

There are also store management features included, like the product import/export feature, eBay integration, Drupal integration, database maintenance tools, and many other more.

X-Cart is available for free for all users, version useful when using it to build small scale stores. For larger projects have a look at the commercial version as well.
Last updated on June 2nd, 2015
X-Cart - X-Cart is a free and commercially available online shopping cart toolkitX-Cart - It features a simple to use administration panel for all kinds of usersX-Cart - Here, webmasters can manage the store's content, its pages, products, userbase, and moreX-CartX-CartX-CartX-CartX-CartX-CartX-CartX-CartX-CartX-CartX-CartX-Cart

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