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A professional and innovative open source eCommerce store solution






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AJAX and ExtJS power the store, offering significant usability improvements and user experience.

Can be used in a wide range of fields, from digital products to huge product catalogs.
Last updated on March 2nd, 2014
TomatoCart - Graphic store installerTomatoCart - Login screenTomatoCart - Store configurationTomatoCart - Shipping / packing detailsTomatoCart - Viewing store productsTomatoCart - Editing / Adding product detailsTomatoCart - Adding product additional dataTomatoCart - Placing a product inside a  categoryTomatoCart - Adding images to a product descriptionTomatoCart - Dashboard viewTomatoCart - Adding a new sub-category to a categoryTomatoCart - Adding a new merchant / brandTomatoCart - Adding special discount offersTomatoCart - Viewing popular search terms (using a Windows desktop admin interface look)TomatoCart - Managing static page contentTomatoCart - Adding a new customer from the backendTomatoCart - Adding a new order from the backendTomatoCart - Listing ordersTomatoCart - Viewing store invoicesTomatoCart - Editing a static pageTomatoCart - Editing credit card informationTomatoCart - Managing currency informationTomatoCart - Managing country detailsTomatoCart - Viewing the order statusTomatoCart - Editing language detailsTomatoCart - Adding a payment methodTomatoCart - Editing shipping informationTomatoCart - Installing a special module for the storeTomatoCart - Viewing purchased productsTomatoCart - Activating site templatesTomatoCart - Customizing site templatesTomatoCart - File browserTomatoCart - Editing an user's profile and permissionsTomatoCart - Viewing administrative logsTomatoCart - Adding exchange bannersTomatoCart - Cache control panelTomatoCart - Creating a database backupTomatoCart - Managing email templates and auto-respondersTomatoCart - Generating Google sitemapsTomatoCart - Content import and export settingsTomatoCart - Writing a newsletter within the newsletter managerTomatoCart - Viewing online users with detailed information about what are they doingTomatoCart - Adding meta data information to the homepageTomatoCart - Editing the store's general configurationTomatoCart - Managing the backend desktop interfaceTomatoCart - Applying a new backend themeTomatoCart - Adding a wallpaper to the backendTomatoCart - Sidebar settingsTomatoCart - Store frontpageTomatoCart - Viewing a product's pageTomatoCart - Viewing a static pageTomatoCart - The store's shopping cart pageTomatoCart - Checkout zoneTomatoCart - The user's store account pageTomatoCart - Editing a member account (with the Chinese language)TomatoCart - Search page

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