6.0.2 GPL: GNU General Public License
3.0/5 10
An e-commerce platform written with PHP & MySQL, allowing developers or simple end-users to setup an online store within minutes





CubeCart is a former commercial product that was open sourced and is available for free now for everyone interested in building a professional online store.

With a plethora of features included in the standard distribution, CubeCart stores provide a solid alternative to industry leaders like Magento and Prestashop.

The store can easily be installed with the help of the setup wizard and an administration panel will let webmasters control every little detail of their store.

There are themes for the storefront, plugins for adding new functionality, and lots of maintenance tools for debugging and safeguarding the store.

Documentation and community-contributed extensions are available, along with commercially available, more professional tools.

Working with the store's backend is a pleasure, and even less technically trained employees will be able to do their jobs without messing things up.
Last updated on March 25th, 2015
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