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Cartridge supports all major shopping cart features, even if its packaged as a simple module.

It can be used for simple "pay to download" e-goods shops or for more complex shopping platforms suitable for medium to large businesses.

Various payment gateways are support, and new ones can be added as external Mezzanine CMS modules.

Basically any function not found in the Cartridge store can be added as a Mezzanine add-on at later points and complete Cartridge's feature list.
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
Cartridge - Cartridge comes with a fully-functional product management sectionCartridge - For each product a small description...Cartridge - ... along with some other details can be added in the backendCartridge - Product options can be managed from one single place inside CartridgeCartridge - Cartridge also comes with support for discount codesCartridgeCartridge - The Cartridge Sales section allows admins to review recent discount-based salesCartridge - Store orders can be managed from one single section in the Cartridge backendCartridge - For each order various transaction details are recorded by Cartridge

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A shopping cart plugin for the Mezzanine CMS, allowing anyone to run their very own fully-functional shop on top of any basic Mezzanine installation


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