SWI-Prolog 6.6.6 / 7.1.28

A portable, open source Prolog implementation
It's useful logic programming purposes, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.

Main features:

  • Machine-independent saved-states
  • Constraint Logic Programming
  • Multi-threading support
  • Portable to many platforms
  • Bundled with interface libraries for Java (JPL), ODBC, TCP/IP sockets, SSL, CGI form handling, etc.
  • Unit testing support through PlUnit
  • Regular binary distributions for most popular platforms
  • Multi-threaded Web server library
  • Literate programming support through PlDoc
  • Just-In-Time indexing of both static and dynamic code
  • Fast and flexible libraries for parsing SGML/XML (HTML), parsing RDF, store and query the RDF triple model
  • Internal UNICODE character set handling

last updated on:
December 19th, 2014, 15:56 GMT
license type:

LGPL: GNU Lesser General Public License

developed by:
Jan Wielemaker
operating system(s):
Windows / Linux / Mac OS
C: \ Scientific/Engineering \ Artificial Intelligence
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What's New in version 6.6.0
  • Processing of #!, binding a file to an interpreter in Unix no longer tries to be smart about processing options to the interpreter. The effect of this change depends on the Unix versions: some only pass the first option, others pack all options into one and yet others pass the options after breaking them.
  • The Prolog flag argv only provides arguments that have not been processed by Prolog.
  • The init file .plrc (pl.ini on Windows) is no longer searched for in the working directory for security reasons.
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