Simple Machines Forum 2.0.9 / 1.1.19 / 2.1 beta1

A free, professional grade software package that allows a developer to quickly build an online community
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It includes many custom templates for a personal and professional design of the message boards.

SMF is written in the popular language PHP and uses a MySQL database.

It is designed to provide all the features needed from a bulletin board while having an absolute minimal impact on the resources of the server.

Main features:

  • General Features:
  • Admin dashboard
  • Comprehensive template system.
  • Advanced permission and user management.
  • Supports multiple languages at once.
  • Open and well-documented source code.
  • Tracking of new and old unread topics, not just from the last visit.
  • Designed for optimal performance and scalability.
  • Multi-media output. (XHTML, XML, RSS, WAP)
  • Multi-language support from a large community.
  • Package manager that automatically installs or uninstalls mods (also known as hacks.)
  • Security:
  • All actions seamlessly require a session based authorization code.
  • Administrative actions require the user's password (and do not rely solely on cookies.)
  • Major actions are time and IP locked, preventing 'hammering'.
  • The number of login attempts from a certain IP can be limited and time locked.
  • Forum Settings:
  • Ability to display page creation time and query count per page.
  • Put a board into maintenance mode, allowing only admins to login.
  • Word censoring, either full word or partial.
  • Ability to break up long words.
  • Boards and Categories
  • Group boards into collapsible categories.
  • Set categories as non-collapsible.
  • Reorder boards within categories, or reorder categories.
  • Create child boards under other boards. (sub boards)
  • Assign moderators to boards.
  • Allow certain membergroups to access a board, including guests only.
  • Configure permissions for each membergroup on the board level.
  • Ability to indicate new posts to child boards but nothing new in parent.
  • Member Registration;
  • Require registration before forum entrance.
  • Require a user to agree to terms before they register.
  • Disable member registration completely (allowing only moderators to register people).
  • Require email authentication by sending an authentication link.
  • Require a moderator to approve registration.
  • Register new members from the admin center.
  • Member Navigation and Authentication
  • Several security checks during navigation.
  • Password reminder option, by email with confirmation. (doesn't automatically reset the password.)
  • Both cookie and session based authentication (works without cookies.)
  • Cookies can be set local to a path, global to all subdomains, or normally.
  • Adjustable expiration time for authentication cookies.
  • Member Tracking and Tracing
  • Sortable and searchable public memberlist (accessible by a permission.)
  • Powerful sortable and searchable admin memberlist.
  • Show all (error) messages and IPs made by a member. (track user)
  • Show all (error) messages from an IP address or range. (track IP)
  • See who's doing what (accessible by permission.)
  • Statistics:
  • Several board statistics (accessible by permission.)
  • Tracking of member's online time in seconds.
  • Tracking of topics, messages, new members, and hits per day.
  • Individual member statistics accessible from their profile.
  • News and Announcements
  • Ability to create announcement boards (members receive a notification of topics automatically.)
  • Member option to disable receiving announcements.
  • Email or private message to the members by membergroup.
  • Show a news ticker or news fader.
  • Communication
  • Ability to choose sendmail or SMTP (with or without authentication.)
  • Ability to send a topic to a friend.
  • Ability to view a "printer friendly" version of topics.
  • Membergroups:
  • Create membergroups to group members on permissions, access rights, and/or appearance.
  • Assign several membergroups to a single member, with one membergroup as the primary group.
  • Define membergroups that are auto-assigned based on the amount of posts a user has.
  • Determine the maximum number of personal messages a membergroup is allowed to have by group.
  • Assign graphical symbol(s) to a membergroup by primary group.
  • Determine which membergroups are allowed to access a board.
  • Banning:
  • Ban members based on their username, email address, IP address or hostname.
  • Support of wildcards for email address, IP address, and hostname.
  • Include a ban reason (viewable for the banned user).
  • Include a ban note (only viewable by the admins).
  • Chose between full ban, 'no post' ban, or registration ban.
  • Include an expiration time for bans.

last updated on:
November 21st, 2014, 13:53 GMT
developed by:
The Simple Machines
license type:

GPL: GNU General Public License

operating system(s):
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
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Simple Machines Forum
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30 Screenshots
Simple Machines Forum - Admin dashboardSimple Machines Forum - Package managerSimple Machines Forum - Core feature configurationSimple Machines Forum - General features and optionsSimple Machines Forum - Managing server settingsSimple Machines Forum - Themes and layout settingsSimple Machines Forum - Language managerSimple Machines Forum - Security and moderation settingsSimple Machines Forum - Adding a new forum boardSimple Machines Forum - Managing boards and categoriesSimple Machines Forum - Post settingsSimple Machines Forum - Search settingsSimple Machines Forum - Smileys and message icon setsSimple Machines Forum - Attachment and avatar settingsSimple Machines Forum - Managing forum usersSimple Machines Forum - Managing groupsSimple Machines Forum - User permission settingsSimple Machines Forum - Ban listSimple Machines Forum - Forum maintenance settingsSimple Machines Forum - Forum logsSimple Machines Forum - Moderation settingsSimple Machines Forum - User profile pageSimple Machines Forum - User's inboxSimple Machines Forum - Advanced search screenSimple Machines Forum - Forum main pageSimple Machines Forum - Adding a topicSimple Machines Forum - Listing forum topics/threadsSimple Machines Forum - Viewing a topicSimple Machines Forum - Forum statistics page
What's New in version 2.0.8
  • This patch focuses on fixing a few memory issues caused by some of the changes in 2.0.7, as well as fixing a crucial bug which caused the boards to appear in a seemingly random order for forums running on MySQL version 5.6 and above.
  • It also fixes a rare bug that could cause a database error when invalid data is passed to the memberlist search form.
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