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A powerful forum package developed in PHP and MySQL, allowing webmasters to easily host and build their very own private online communities






MyBB provides a free alternative to all the great commercial forum scripts that might be just too expensive for some people.

This forum package is certainly a top-level solution for building discussion boards, coming packed with lots of features and an easy to use administration panel.

There's also an installation wizard included as well, so developers will be able to install it with minimal hassle.

The forum can be customized via templates, themes, and plugins, and it can be installed on various server and database types.

Once setup, webmasters can add forums, smileys, topics, announcements, and various more other features, letting users talk to each other, create threads and contribute to other topics.

On the frontend, there are user profile pages, a calendar, a portal-like page, and many more other features for making user discussions more friendly and more engaging.
Last updated on May 28th, 2015
MyBB - MyBB comes with a graphic installer and a password-protected admin panelMyBB - screenshot #2MyBB - An admin dashboard is also included with all installationsMyBB - screenshot #4MyBB - A wide range of configuration controls are available for all forum adminsMyBB - Admins can ban users, add custom profile fields, smileys, and even setup word filtersMyBB - screenshot #7MyBB - screenshot #8MyBB - screenshot #9MyBB - Custom MyCode (BBCode-like format), forum languages, post icons, and help pages can be managed as wellMyBB - screenshot #11MyBB - screenshot #12MyBB - screenshot #13MyBB - A MyBB forum can also be extended via pluginsMyBB - MyBB admins can also control allowed attachment types, moderation tools, and allowed spider botsMyBB - screenshot #16MyBB - screenshot #17MyBB - A calendar app is also included with MyBBMyBB - Admins can also control user warning levels, thread prefixes, and security questionsMyBB - screenshot #20MyBB - screenshot #21MyBB - There's a special section in the admin panel for managing forums, announcements, the moderation queue, and the uploaded attachmentsMyBB - screenshot #23MyBB - screenshot #24MyBB - screenshot #25MyBB - screenshot #26MyBB - screenshot #27MyBB - MyBB admins can also manage the site's userbase, along with its permissions and rolesMyBB - screenshot #29MyBB - screenshot #30MyBB - screenshot #31MyBB - screenshot #32MyBB - screenshot #33MyBB - screenshot #34MyBB - Admin accounts are managed separatelyMyBB - Admins can also email all forum users at onceMyBB - screenshot #37MyBB - A MyBB forum can also be customized via templates and themesMyBB - screenshot #39MyBB - The forum backend also includes lots of maintenance tools as wellMyBB - This includes a cache manager, task scheduler, a statistics manager, and database management toolsMyBB - screenshot #42MyBB - screenshot #43MyBB - screenshot #44MyBB - Various logs are available for reviewing the entire forum's activityMyBB - On the frontend, MyBB looks just like any other forumMyBB - screenshot #47MyBB - A built-in search engine is included, along with profile pages and user control panelsMyBB - screenshot #49MyBB - screenshot #50

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