A JavaScript platform for developing modern Web applications, created specifically to cut down development time and help out new developers
Meteor premieres new top of the line concepts in developing Web and mobile JS-centered applications.

It uses a solid JavaScript core, filled with lots of useful APIs that work the same on both the client and server side.

This means code is easier to write, takes much less, and uses the same functions and methods regardless if you're coding for Node.js, jQuery, or your browser.

Meteor can be used in building cloud-hosted services, browser games, classic jQuery-like websites, and about anything else you might think of.

It's easy to learn (presuming you already know JavaScript), very well documented, and has already amassed a large gathering in the JS community so you'll have who to ask for advice.

Main features:

  • Framework agnostic
  • Live page updates whenever the data changes inside the host database
  • Innovative data synchronization mechanism
  • Self-contained application bundles
  • Extendable via packages
  • Lots of documentation

last updated on:
October 1st, 2014, 12:26 GMT
developed by:
Meteor Development Team
license type:
MIT License
operating system(s):
Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
C: \ Frameworks


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What's New in version 0.9.3
  • Better handling of pre-release versions (e.g. versions with -). Pre-release packages will now be included in an app if and only if there is no way to meet the app's constraints without using a pre-release package.
  • Add Meteor admin set-unmigrated to allow maintainers to hide pre-0.9.0 packages in meteor search and meteor show. This will not stop users from continuing to use the package, but it helps prevent new users from finding old non-functional packages.
  • Progress bars for time-intensive operations, like downloading large packages.
  • The reactive-dict package now allows an optional name argument to enable data persistence during hot code push.
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