jQuery BlockUI Plugin

2.70.0 GPL: GNU General Public License + 1 others
3.3/5 27
A tiny jQuery plugin that simulates blocking the browser without actually blocking it, all while loading new content on the page




By default, every page works synchronous. Meaning code is executed one line at a time. Because AJAX uses parallel code execution to fetch new, content can be loaded dynamically without blocking the page.

But for normal pages, doing this blocks the page without letting the user know something is happening.

The jQuery BlockUI Plugin tells the user new content is being loaded, so he stops taking other actions until that operation has finished. This is done by overlaying the native loading mouse cursor on top of the page.

The plugin is very simple to include into every code, and should be considered for pages where AJAX is not used to load new content.
Last updated on November 24th, 2014

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