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A CSS framework offering various tools for rapid development of modern and accessible CSS layouts






All CSS components of the framework as well as the various layout methods are thoroughly documented in both English and German, supplemented by numerous examples.

A continuously expanding active community has formed around YAML. There is a growing number of "ready to use" templates based on YAML for many different content management systems.

YAML is based on web standards and supports every modern web browser. All Internet Explorer's major rendering bugs are countered. YAML fully supports all IE versions from 5.x/Win to 7.0.

YAML-based layouts afford great stability. The majority of browser bugs are patched by YAML reliably and without intervention of the web designer.

YAML is oriented to web standards and the demands of accessible web design. The framework's goal is to create flexible layouts: basic navigation help is already integrated.

The markup structure and the CSS components of the framework allow the designer / coder free rein in their design. Flexible, elastic, or fixed layouts, any number of subdivisions -- everything's possible.

YAML forms the basis for many small and large websites and has proved itself in real-life professional use.

YAML can be used for free with a Creative Commons license. Alternatively, two paid license models allow use without requiring copyright notices.

YAML stands for Yet Another Multicolumn Layout.
Last updated on September 24th, 2013
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