PhpPeanuts 2.2.0 / 1.5.0a

An open source framework for developing database-backed applications in PHP.

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What's new in PhpPeanuts 2.2.0:

  • Synchronizer Token Pattern for referrer tokens in all URLs.
  • ActionTickets now use hashed random tokens with timeout.
  • Only uses parameterized queries (may be emulated).
  • Parameterized query emulation for old MySQL driver.
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Other Free / Open Source License: AGPL - GNU Affero General Public License (v2.x)

Other Free / Open Source License: AFL - Academic Free License (v1.x)

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PhpPeanuts is an open source MVC framework for developing database-backed applications in PHP, with support for many modern features found in common web applications.

It supports high and sustainable developer productivity by default reasoning and the 'once and only once' principle.

With phpPeanuts the developer does not build an application from the bottom up.

Instead he gets one scaffolded from meta data, then extend and refine it step by step to make it more and more like you want it to be.

PhpPeanuts does in general not generate code. Instead it generates the application behavior dynamically on each request. When you adapt your design the scaffolded parts of your application will adapt dynamically with each request.

So you can start with the simpelest thing that could possibly work for your application, and refactor later if the need arises, without losing much productivity. The eXtreme Programming way.

Branch 2.x is for PHP 5 or higher, while branch 1.x is for PHP 4 or higher.

Last updated on September 15th, 2013

Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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