npm 2.1.14

A package manager for the Node.js platform providing a quick and easy way of installing various modules, libraries and additional scripts
Developers can use npm to install and publish their Node.js applications.

npm can be used from the Node.js CLI, or it can be used programmatically inside Node.js JavaScript code.

npm is just like many other package managers,being  very similar to apt-get, Composer, RubyGems, PEAR, etc..

Just like the aforementioned tools, npm can manage dependencies, help with installations, bundle packages, search for new packages, update existing packages, remove unwanted packages, star packages for later usage and many other more.

Documentation included in the npm package, to help developers get started and improve the way their work with Node.js.

last updated on:
December 15th, 2014, 14:02 GMT
developed by:
Isaac Z. Schlueter
license type:

MIT License

operating system(s):
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
C: \ Development Tools
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What's New in version 2.1.10
  • Fixed:
  • Log "already built" messages at info, not error.
  • GitHub won't redirect you through an HTML page to a compressed tarball if you don't tell it you accept JSON responses.
  • 1: Use graceful-fs so the whole dependency tree gets read, even in case of EMFILE.
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