Zeleos Web Toolkit 0.3.1

A web rich client application framework that was designed to be highly extensible and very easy to use

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What's new in Zeleos Web Toolkit V0.3.0:

  • Support both Linux and Windows JSDoc path in the build.
  • IE9 support.
  • Fix XSLT parameter setting for IE.
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Apache License

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Jeremy Kuhn
C: \ Development Tools \ Other Libraries
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Zeleos Web Toolkit - Project architecture
Written in Java, JavaScript and XSL it was designed to be highly extensible and very easy to use for developers.

Supportted browsers include Mozilla Firefox 2.x+,  Opera > 9.x+, Webkit (Safari, Chrome) and Internet Explorer 7.x+.

It comes with a clean JavaScript API that follows strict development guidelines to compensate JavaScript anarchy.

JavaScript is a powerful language because it allows a lot of things but it is also a terrible language for the same reason. That's why we must define boundaries to JavaScript flexibility to provide a clean extensible and maintainable API.

The coding convention tries to make JavaScript looks more like robust languages such as Java or C#. You can have a look at the JavaScript API or the coding convention in the developer section.

The API provides a complete set of Widgets to easily create complex user interfaces.

An XML based language that enables developers/designers to focus on the design of the UI rather than the UI code.

UI programming is a tiresome task, indeed this part takes a lot of time to developers. A simple UI description language is the perfect answer to that issue, making the creation of complex UI painless.

Once the UI is described in XML, the corresponding code is automatically generated (including JavaScript, CSS and HTML), leaving only the functional code to the developer.

The ZWT Tools provides utilities to compile, validate and optimize the code of the application.

Every widgets can be customized using CSS. You can define Themes for the whole set of Widgets in the framework or you can override the style of a specific Widget within an application.

Last updated on October 18th, 2012

Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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