2.0.0 BSD License
4.9/5 2
A headless browser that packages and embeds the WebKit engine, used currently by Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari Web browsers





A headless browser is a browser without a GUI, used by developers mainly for testing purposes, to simulate the presence of a browser, in this case the WebKit engine.

A headless browser like PhantomJS can access Web pages without actually showing them to anybody, get the content of the page, compile it and when deemed ready to be displayed in a normal browser to users, then sent off for further processing to other software programs.

Because of this, because it can compile the page to its final state, it's the perfect tool to use when testing websites, mainly JavaScript and AJAX-heavy projects.

This is because PhantomJS does not only parse JavaScript, CoffeeScript or CSS and assembles the HTML, but it can mimic mouse clicks as well, taking testing to a whole new level.

PhantomJS is actually a well-known testing toolkit in the development industry, being used by hundreds of companies and for famous open source software like Bootstrap, CodeMirror, Ember, Grunt.js, Modernizr, YUI and Zepto.js.
Last updated on January 24th, 2015

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