PHP Plugin & Hook System

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A PHP library to create and run a professional plugin system, heavily inspired and working very similarly to the one found withnin WordPress





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The PHP Plugin & Hook System can be used to build a WordPress-like plugin system for any forum, e-commerce or CMS platforms.

It allows the developer to create an interface where plugins can be easily activated or deactivated by the push of a button.

The system supports plugin options pages as well, where users can go and tweak options on a per-plugin basis.

The PHP Plugin & Hook System can easily be added to any project, the hooks and filtering system allowing it to adapt to any preexisting code structure.
Last updated on April 16th, 2015

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PHP Plugin & Hook System - The library can be used to create a WordPress-like plugin system for CMSs, forums and other platformsPHP Plugin & Hook System - For created plugins, an options pages can easily be added for customization purposes

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