Response JS0.9.1

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A jQuery plugin for developing mobile-oriented websites, with a high degree of attention given to speed and performance parameters





Response JS was created with the goal of simplifying development on mobile devices, with second-grade desktop support included.

Response JS revolves around HTML 5 data attributes, which enable developers to pass various loading and display criteria to each HTML tag in turn.

These attributes will tell which content to load on which device or screen resolution, giving the developer full control over how his website looks and behaves on most tablet, smartphone, smart TV or desktop devices.

This increased degree of control allows developers to create highly-customizable, yet very diverse and dynamic websites without the need of running different versions of the same codebase.

Since coding with Response JS can become pretty overwhelming, lots of documentation and examples are included on the library's official website.

Besides jQuery, Response JS can also be used with Ender and Zepto.js as well.
Last updated on October 31st, 2014

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