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A lightweight boilerplate framework for building HTML-based mobile applications, with support for both Apple and Android device






Ratchet is a collection of HTML, JS and CSS styles for developing browser-based mobile apps.

While the first version of Ratchet was specifically crafted for Apple devices, the 2.x branch supports other platforms, with an additional platform-agnostic style and an Android-specific style also included.

Ratchet is a basic toolkit for quickly assembling your mobile app without having to delve into the complicated world of Objective-C, Java or other platform specific languages.

It's ready-made components can easily be added to an application and deployed to live environments right away.

Ratchet is thoroughly tested and is currently developed by the same community of developers that are developing the Bootstrap UI framework.
Last updated on April 5th, 2014
Ratchet - Ratchet supports simple mobile app title bars (basic style)Ratchet - Title bars with additional icons are also supported (iOS style)Ratchet - Navigation bar styles are also supported with Ratchet (Android style)Ratchet - Bottom (tab) bars are also supported (basic style)Ratchet - Text-based footer bars can be displayed as well (iOS style)Ratchet - Advanced multi-level tab bars are also supported, for showing extra content and controls (Android style)Ratchet - Basic typography settings are included (basic style)Ratchet - List views can be created within minutes with Ratchet (iOS style)Ratchet - Lists with counters, icons, labels or notifications can be displayed as well (Android style)Ratchet - Stylized lists or other custom list format can be achieved with Ratchet as well (basic style)Ratchet - Icon prefixed lists are also supported (iOS style)Ratchet - Adding action buttons and other elements to a list is also supported (Android style)Ratchet - Ratchet supports simple toggle/checkbox/radio button elements (basic style)Ratchet - Ratchet supports simple toggle/checkbox/radio button elements (iOS style)Ratchet - Ratchet supports simple toggle/checkbox/radio button elements (Android style)Ratchet - Ratchet also comes with a button pack for easily adding buttons to any app view (basic style)Ratchet - Full-width button styles are also supported (iOS style)Ratchet - Buttons with notifications and counters are also supported (Android style)Ratchet - Notifications and labels can be appended to any element (basic style)Ratchet - Ratchet includes support for most form elements (iOS style)Ratchet - Full-width elements and placeholder/label support is included (Android style)Ratchet - Popovers (tooltips) are supported as well (basic style)Ratchet - Ratchet also supports modal windows (pop ups) (iOS style)Ratchet - Sliders can also be built with Ratchet (Android style)Ratchet - The Ratchicons icon font is included with Ratchet

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