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A mobile app development framework that uses HTML 5, WAML, CSS 3 and JavaScript to help developers create beautiful cross-device applications




The framework was written and developed on top of a JavaScript library of the same name. ChocolateChip-UI together with ChocolateChip.js comprise the framework on which lots of versatile mobile HTML 5 applications can be built on.

ChocolateChip provides fully functional widgets and components right out of the box, in most cases these requiring minimal time to setup and customize.

The framework can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone mobile devices, all components working from the same codebase, with no separate branches to take care of for each of the platforms.

Extremely small compared to multiple similar solutions, ChocolateChip also includes a small animations engine for smoothly animating various interactions and effects.

On top of this, RTL support is included by default, along with a certain level of desktop compatibility for testing purposes.

Included components:
Segmented Control
Select List
Deletable List
Tab Bar
List View
Last updated on April 19th, 2015

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ChocolateChip - ChocolateChip includes support for creating tabbed panels on mobile devicesChocolateChip - Styled radio-like buttons can be added as well if neededChocolateChip - Checkbox elements, also known as switches or toggle buttons are also includedChocolateChip - Range sliders can be created via ChocolateChip as wellChocolateChip - To delete items, ChocolateChip uses a swipe to remove philosophyChocolateChip - Modal popups are supported as wellChocolateChip - The ChocolateChip framework also includes support for popover tooltips alsoChocolateChip - A tab bar, similar to the tabbed panel can be added at the bottom or on the top of the app screenChocolateChip - ChocolateChip can also paginate long lists and data collectionsChocolateChip - Overlayed control panels can be displayed as wellChocolateChip - ChocolateChip includes all the tools to create complex, beautifully styled mobile apps

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