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A free WYSIWYG editor that works using native JavaScript, modeled to look like Microsoft's famous Word 98 office document editor





JS-RichEdit transforms a textarea field into a rich text editor, adding multiple toolbars at the top of the input section, full of controls that can help users in formatting their entered text.

The editor gives an instant preview of the formatted text, allowing users to style it the way they wish and then save it on a server somewhere.

The JS-RichEdit consists of only the client-side code. The package doesn't really care about the server-side language used to handle the formatted data, working with PHP, Java, Ruby, or Perl regardless.

Buttons for the most common editing operations are included on the toolbar, covering the basics in any text formatting software.

JS-RichEdit comes with a few basic examples to show developers how it can be implemented.
Last updated on May 14th, 2010
JS-RichEdit - JS-Richedit is a beautiful WYSIWYG editor for your Web projectsJS-RichEdit - It has an instantly recognizable interface and easy access to the formatted source code

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