Drools 6.1.0 / 6.2.0 CR3

A Business Logic Java platform providing an unified and integrated system for managing Rules, Workflow and Event Processing
Drools is actually made up of several other projects like Guvnor (Business Rules Manager), Expert (rule engine), 5jBPM 5 (process/workflow), Fusion (event processing/temporal reasoning) and Planner (automated planning).

Main features:

  • Engine features:
  • Full Rete Implementation -with high performance indexing
  • Dynamic RuleBases
  • Stateful and Stateless Execution Modes
  • Async operations
  • Rete and Sequential Rete
  • Rule Agent
  • Optional Data Shadowing
  • Pluggeable Dialects
  • Propositional Logic features:
  • Literal Restriction
  • Variable Restriction
  • Return Value Restriction
  • Jointed and dis-jointed Connectives allowed '&&' '||'
  • inline-Eval
  • First Order Logic (Quantifiers) features:
  • And
  • Or
  • Exists
  • Not
  • Accumulate
  • Collect
  • From
  • Forall
  • Nesting of any CE inside of 'and' and 'or'
  • Support for both infix and prefix 'and'/'or' CEs
  • Nesting and Chaining of 'from', 'accumulate', 'collect'
  • Execution Control features:
  • Conflict Resolution (salience) Now pluggeable
  • Agenda Filters
  • Agenda Groups
  • Activation Groups
  • Rule Flow
  • Attributes (no-loop, lock-on-active)
  • Temporal Rules
  • Scheduler for rule duration will fire when a rule is true for X duration
  • Truth maintenance with Logical Insertions
  • Event Model features:
  • Working Memory, Agenda and Rule Flow
  • Configurable
  • All Rete optimizations and execution behavior can be configured
  • Authoring
  • Technical rules: DRL and XML formats supported
  • Template based DSLs
  • Guided Editor
  • BRMS and Eclipse
  • Decision Tables (Excel, Open Office)
  • BRMS (Knowledge Asset Management System)
  • Authoring and Storage DRLs, RuleFlows, Decision Tables, Business Rules (Guided Editor)
  • Multi level Versioning, at both the rule and package level
  • Classification
  • Deployment
  • Built on Standards and Open APIs JCR (JSR 170) Dublin Core, GWT

last updated on:
December 9th, 2014, 13:16 GMT
developed by:
Red Hat Middleware LLC
license type:

Apache License

operating system(s):
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
C: \ Development Tools \ Complete applications
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