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A open source ASP.NET CMS, ideal for creating enterprise Web applications that are both easy to manage and very versatile in their build






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DotNetNuke (DNN) is a CMS developed through the efforts of a huge community and developers which regularly contribute themes and modules to its ecosystem.

The goal of this product is to promote open technologies, standards-compliance, and the sharing of knowledge between community participants.

The platform itself is very versatile, allowing developers to build sites in practically any structure, and easily add and edit their content using on-page editing toolkits.

DNN is a multi-lingual and multi-site CMS, the basic building blocks to any true corporate business website.

There's a lot of functionality built in with the platform, but what you can't find natively inside it can be expanded if ever needed through a plethora or open source and commercial modules.

There's also a file manager included, user management options, an installation wizard, user activity logging, support for custom content types, and for WYSIWYG editing.

All in all the DotNetNuke platform is phenomenal for any type of application you want to build, working even with for cloud-based infrastructures.
Last updated on September 27th, 2015
DotNetNuke - DotNetNuke uses an on-page editing panel to let users edit its contentDotNetNuke - Any of the page's content and sections can be editedDotNetNuke - WYSIWYG editing is a supported DotNetNuke featureDotNetNuke - DotNetNuke also comes with a well designed installation wizard

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