Team Password Manager 4.50.100

A Web-based application written in PHP that uses a MySQL database to store sensitive data about user accounts, passwords and password policies

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What's new in Team Password Manager 4.50.100:

  • Export/import My Passwords, with help.
  • Delete all my passwords.
  • Export didn't show custom3 title and didn't export \ correctly (as \\).
  • When showing a password, set font to courier. This is done to better differentiate characters, specially i/1/l, if copying to the clipboard isn't possible (because where the password is to be entered won't admit pasting, or because entering it on a different computer).
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Ferran Barba
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Team Password Manager - Team Password Manager comes packed with an easy to use installation wizardTeam Password Manager - The Team Password Manager system is password protectedTeam Password Manager - Team Password Manager users can see, based on their access rights, a list of services and passwordsTeam Password Manager - For each recorded password, the user can view various detailsTeam Password Manager - The user can see other users that have access to this passwordTeam Password Manager - For each password, Team Password Manager also logs user activityTeam Password Manager - Passwords can be saved based on a project structure the admin can customizeTeam Password Manager - For each project multiple passwords can be savedTeam Password Manager - Adding or editing a raw password is extremely easyTeam Password Manager - Team Password Manager also includes an advanced user management utilityTeam Password Manager - With Team Password Manager admins can organize users in user groupsTeam Password Manager - Team Password Manager globally logs everything that happens in the applicationTeam Password Manager - Passwords can easily be imported or exported in CSV formatTeam Password Manager - A password generation utility is included with the Team Password Manager backendTeam Password Manager - Each user can also modify his own account details if he wishes
Team Password Manager was developed to help users keep track of multiple accounts, services and their respective access credentials.

This allows users to have complicated, secure password strings, and not be worried they might forget or misremember them.

Team Password Manager can be deployed locally, inside an Intranet or online on the Internet.

The utility is password protected and will allow access to its data to registered users only.

The application comes in a dual licensing model. A free version with limited capabilities (maximum 5 projects and 2 users), and a four commercially available versions, with gradual access to more features.

Last updated on March 17th, 2015

Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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