Spree 2.4.0

An e-commerce platform for the Ruby on Rails framework
Spree - Viewing all the products from a category
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This e-commerce platform relies on Ruby's dynamic programming to offer a secure and small-sized application.

It supports customized logic for taxation, shipping, discounts and coupons.

Main features:

  • Extensible Design:
  • Spree is designed to be programmer friendly. In addition to a powerful extension system, Spree provides several explicit extension points for providing custom logic for checkout, shipping, taxation, etc.
  • Ruby on Rails:
  • Spree supports the latest version of Ruby on Rails. We carefully monitor ongoing developments in the Rails community and we provide timely support for every new Rails release.
  • Simple Upgrades:
  • Upgrading the existing Spree deployments is often as simple as running a single rake task. New releases of Spree contain a comprehensive list of changes as well as easy to follow instructions on how to upgrade.
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript:
  • JavaScript is implemented using the lightweight jQuery javascript framework. Unobtrusive javascript simplifies page design and improves search engine readability.
  • Localization:
  • Support for multiple international locales is built right into the application (as opposed to being an after thought.) Spree already has support for fourteen different languages with new ones being added every month.
  • Custom Shipping Logic:
  • Support for UPS, FedEx and USPS are provided by the ActiveShipping library. Spree also makes it dead simple to drop in your own custom shipping logic.
  • Over 50 Payment Gateways Supported:
  • Spree uses ActiveMerchant which allows access to over 50 different payment gateways and services including Paypal and Authorize.net.
  • Superior Organization:
  • Spree's taxonomy feature allows store owners to categorize their products in complex ways. You are not limited to using only a single category hierarchy.
  • Single Page Checkout:
  • Spree provides an easy to follow single page checkout. Minimize customer confusion and prevent lost order data with a single checkout page which is also easily customized.
  • Guest Checkout:
  • Provide any combination of account registration, guest checkout or anonymous purchase. Confirmation emails allow guest customers to view their order details via a secure token in the URL.
  • 100% REST:
  • Spree follows the best practice of RESTful design which makes the code easier to maintain for experienced Rails developers.
  • Advanced Inventory Features:
  • Advanced users will be able to track units of inventory on a per record basis which allows for the physical tracking of each unit of inventory as it moves through the order fulfillment process.
  • Blueprint and Sass:
  • The powerful Blueprint framework simplifies cross browser CSS design. The Sass framework makes it easier then ever to organize and customize your stylesheets.
  • Custom Tax Logic:
  • Spree provides integrated support for Sales Tax as well as Value Added Tax (VAT). The flexible Zone system makes it trivial to add your own custom tax rules.
  • Search Engine Friendly:
  • Spree has been designed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a primary focus. Features such as human readable permalinks and unobtrusive javascript are built right into Spree.
  • Google Analytics:
  • Spree comes with built in support for Google Analytics. Spree also supports the more advanced e-commerce conversion tracking features provided by Google Analytics.

last updated on:
November 22nd, 2014, 10:04 GMT
license type:

BSD License

developed by:
Sean Schofield
operating system(s):
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
C: \ E-Commerce \ Complete Store Solutions
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14 Screenshots
Spree - Viewing product detailsSpree - Lightbox viewer for a productSpree - Shopping cartSpree - Payment processingSpree - Listing orders in the backendSpree - Viewing order detailsSpree - Listing all the productsSpree - Editing product detailsSpree - Generating and viewing a sales reportSpree - Website configurationSpree - Language and VAT settingsSpree - Adding a new userSpree - Viewing and managing all the site's users
What's New in version 0.9.0
  • Products without variants can't have a weight.
  • Load initializers from extensions
  • Remove Paperclip messages from log
  • Problem with spree command in older versions of Ruby Gems.
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