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A platform for building application backends and real-time APIs, enabling a simple way to create and manage data streams and data types





Deployd sets up a basic data, resources, and functionality structure, found in most Web-based apps and services.

You can say Deployd manages the structure behind the data, setting up pre-built mechanisms for storing, controlling and broadcasting data streams to clients and servers.

This tool allows the developer to focus on creating the app itself, and less on the structure to manage it after its release.

What Deployd does and how it can be used may be a little hard to understand, so we recommend learning about Node.js and API & application structures before delving in.

Deployd is built with open-source technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, Underscore, Socket.IO and many others more.

The Download section leads to its source code (ZIP, TAR) mirrors and the Windows EXE we tested. For the OS X installer, please go here, where one of our Mac employees has tested and reviewed Deployd.
Last updated on May 29th, 2015
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