Bottle 0.12.8

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A micro-WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) framework, ideal for developing small-scale applications, distributed as a single-file Python module




The Web Server Gateway Interface is a low-level interface between Web servers and Web applications/frameworks for the Python programming language.

This unofficial and so-called "standard" for writing Web applications was created to promote common tools for supporting portable Web applications that work regardless of the server technology they run on.

Bottle is a Python framework, even if a small one, that runs on the WSGI standard and can be used to write serer-agnostic portable Web applications.

Bottle has been known to run on many server technologies, some of the tested servers including paste, fapws3, Google App Engine and cherrypy. Even if not officially tested, basically any WSGI-capable HTTP server can run Bottle. At least in theory.

The framework itself is small enough to fit inside one single file and can be installed and loaded like any other Python module.
Last updated on December 29th, 2014

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