Apache Log4j2.3

Apache License
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An unofficial standard when it comes to logging Java applications, a library used by all Java programmers of all levels of skill





Apache Log4j is an open source toolkit developed by the famous Apache Software Foundation that lets developers watch various facets of their Java application and/or website.

Log4j is ideal for running logging and tracing jobs for applications, letting developers record what happens at runtime and save it for later analysis and debugging.

Extremely important for most developers that have ever worked with Java, this library works using a set of simple components.

There are components (Java classes) for managing the logging configuration, logging filters, and the logging operation itself.

Support for classic log levels is included, along with the possibility to append new logging events and filters at runtime based on the program's evolution.

The 2.x branch of is incompatible with its predecessor, 1.x.

Versions of this library are also available for PHP and .NET environments.
Last updated on May 11th, 2015

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