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A Java project management tool that can automate the process of building software, collecting various reports and easily assembling projects





Apache Maven is one of Apache's most successful projects, right there next to its HTTPD and Tomcat servers, Ant build system, and Cassandra and CouchDB databases.

Maven as a tool targets developers only and is a seamless development environment for Java programming that will automate various common operations encountered and carried out during the process of setting up, coding, and deploying a project.

Developers can automate project builds, render changelogs, keep separate codebases, run unit tests, get code coverage reports, manage dependencies, and even run mailing lists from a Maven installation.

A single Maven installation can be used to manage unlimited projects, and the project also benefits from a free JAR repository for automatically downloading and installing repositories automatically, just like Perl's famous CPAN and Node.js' npm repos.

All of this is handled via POM, the Project Object Model, and its famous pom.xml configuration files you find in almost all of today's Java-based projects. If you've seen it, then probably the project is managed using Maven.
Last updated on April 29th, 2015

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