Apache Continuum

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A Java Web-based continuous integration & build server, an advanced toolkit for managing complex, enterprise level software projects





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Apache Continuum is an application that targets advanced software projects where the lead developer(s) need a tool to help them stay in command during the development and build process.

If you're developing jQuery plugins and one-page sites then you can stick to GitHub or any other type of local or Web-based version control system you're already using.

But if you're in the business of developing applications of hundreds of thousand lines of code or software where tens of people have to write, submit and approve their code, then something more complex is needed.

Apache Continuum provides these tools in one application, tools that lets them review code, set build requirements and build steps, and manage the project from its initial steps to the final stages.
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
Apache Continuum - Multiple projects can be managed and organized in groupsApache Continuum - For each project, Apache Continuum will provide a short summaryApache Continuum - Finely tuned reports can be consulted inside the Continuum dashboard

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