Apache Bloodhound

0.8 Apache License
5.0/5 3
A Python Web-based software project management system, a toolkit to keep track of your projects, code, tickets, updates, and bugs





Apache Bloodhound is a new take on Trac, allowing developers to manage their source code and software packages using a nice interface and lots of UI-friendly features.

It focuses on adding new and interesting features, but especially on supporting multiple projects from the same installation.

Bloodhound lets developers manage both their code and subsequent tickets, discovering and solving problems, and then publishing the projects when work on them is done.

Most Trac features are covered within Bloodhound, this including its wiki, powerful search, admin panel, page templating system and its powerful security settings.

Bloodhound can be used to manage any type of project, regardless if its was written in Java, Python or any other programming language.
Last updated on December 12th, 2014
Apache Bloodhound - Developers can view a list of active ticketsApache Bloodhound - Apache Bloodhound keeps lots of details for each submitted ticketApache Bloodhound - Reports are available for getting a grasp of what's happening inside each projectApache Bloodhound - Apache Bloodhound lets developers customize their preferences

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