Apache Archiva

2.2.0 Apache License
5.0/5 2
A Web-based, extensible, open source artifact repository manager, a must-have toolkit for any self-proclaimed Java professional






Apache Archiva helps developers manage personal or enterprise artifact repositories.

An artifact repository is a central hub where information about software binaries and adjacent files is stored in the form of metadata.

This data can be used by various clients (Maven, Mercury, or Ivy) to retrieve binaries during the build process or distribution phase.

Archiva is such a tool, written in Java, targeting Java developers.

Unlike most software libraries the Apache Foundation provides, Archive is one of the few that actually comes with a (Web-based) graphical user interface, which developers can use to manage their projects and adjacent artifacts.
Last updated on March 3rd, 2015
Apache Archiva - Details can be consulted for each projectApache Archiva - An artifact search utility is included with Apache ArchivaApache Archiva - Remote caching is also supportedApache Archiva - Uploading an artifact is extremly easy with ArchivaApache Archiva - An administrative dashboard is includedApache Archiva - Multiple repository groups can be added to the systemApache Archiva - Admins can manage the available RSS feedsApache Archiva - Role-based security models can be put in placeApache Archiva - A reports generation utility is packed with Apache ArchivaApache Archiva - Audit logs are also available in the Archiva interfaceApache Archiva - Maintenance settings can also be tweaked

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