960 Grid System

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A CSS framework providing a predefined 960px column layout, along with extensions and base templates for various Web design software




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As its name says, the 960 Grid System (or just 960GS) is a CSS framework built on top of a 960px wide grid.

This grid can be split in 12 or 16 smaller columns, depending on what type of content developers need to present.

Its purpose is to provide a simple base on which to "arrange" the content at later points, without having to worry about proper spacing, margins, and padding.

960GS takes care of all of this for the developer, and it also uses a special set of classes for merging, splitting, pulling or pushing columns on the grid.

Besides the useful CSS utilities, the 960 Grid System also comes with basic templates on which developers can prototype their websites. These templates are available for software like:
- Acorn
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Fireworks
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Flash
- Adobe InDesign
- Exp Design
- Inkscape
- OmniGraffle
- QuarkXPress
- Visio
Last updated on March 20th, 2013

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