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The Quantum CSS framework is heavily based on the 960 Grid System and will help developers build responsive layouts that adjust automatically to the user's available screen space.

By default, the framework comes with stylesheets for 12 and 16 column based layouts, along with a CSS reset for easily fixing some browser rendering issues.

The same class system used with the 960 Grid System (960Gs) is used with the Quantum Framework, so porting fixed layouts from 960GS to more modern Quantum liquid layouts does not require too much coding.

The Quatum Framework was previously known as Titan Framework.
Last updated on February 18th, 2014
Quantum Framework - Titan Framework creates and manages a grid system on which page elements are displayedQuantum Framework - If the user resizes the browser or accesses the page from a mobile device, the grid and page elements are reshaped to properly display elements on the page

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A CSS framework with a responsive grid system


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