3.0.76 Apache License
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A frontend UI framework with a bunch of cool features that let developers build small, well-organized, extensible Web applications




Kickstart was previously known as Kickstrap, an improved version of the Bootstrap UI framework with many features not found in the original Bootstrap package.

As the framework evolved, the project moved into a domain of its own and it was rebranded as Kickstart, a powerful frontend framework on its own.

The framework is now lighter than Bootstrap (and ZURB Foundation), works using a much smaller JavaScript base, and also features Node.js and Ruby support.

The core principle at the center of the 3.x Kickstart branch is extensibility, a feature not covered in most UI frameworks, which usually tend to trap and keep you prisoner inside their own, complicated environment.

Developers can extend and customize and style Kickstart's code via semantic CSS mixins or CSS classes, an unique feature not found in other similar tools.

The project's documentation will show you how to build your own components, since the Kickstart doesn't actually include any by default.
Last updated on April 21st, 2015

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