CSS Smart Grid

5.1.4 BSD License
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Default CSS Smart Grid width on a normal desktop is 960px.

Depending on the device used to access the page, CSS Smart Grid rearranges and resizes the content on a page to fit the maximum width the device is capable of displaying.

This means the website will look different depending on the device used to view it, but the content will always remain the same.

CSS Smart Grid is easy to deploy and was coded in SASS and compiled to normal CSS.

A demo is included with the download package, to highlight the way content is rearranged on a page.
Last updated on February 19th, 2015
CSS Smart Grid - Default CSS grid system, as seen on wide-screen devicesCSS Smart Grid - The same grid system viewed on a mobile device

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A mobile friendly CSS grid system, perfect for deploying it in your projects and assuring proper support for your templates when viewed from a wide range of devices


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