Apache Flume

1.6.0 Apache License
5.0/5 1
A top of the line Apache project for aggregating large amounts of log data in one single, centralized location, coded entirely in Java





Apache Flume was developed as an intermediary system that collects logs from one application and delivers it to another.

It should work with most Java applications and developers should rest assured, Flume being protected against data loss and service failure.

Log data is streamed in real-time via fault tolerant systems with support for many failover and recovery mechanisms.

Because Flume runs from one central location, developers can easily manage it and also tap into its resources for statistics and analytics purposes.

A hidden feature of Flume is its actual "data-agnostic" system. This means you can easily switch a data stream's source from a log output to anything else and use Flume to safely aggregate information from various types of services.

These can be email messages, social media streams, network traffic, and so on.
Last updated on May 21st, 2015

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