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This is an advanced graphics library API for Adobe Flash written in ActionScript 3





FlashX's structure is powerful, extensible, scalable and compact, maintaining readability.

The library provides a lot of shortcuts and shorthand.

FlashX tries not to rely on certain parts of the standard Flash API. The standard API vectors, matrices, keys, transformations, colors, etc. are all limited and drawing API rectangles, triangles, circles, lines, curves, etc. are all quite slow.

Due to this, FlashX structure and syntax does not conform to the same conventions as most ActionScript code. This has the advantage of easily porting FlashX applications to new versions of ActionScript, as well as being similar to most OpenGL/DirectX graphics libraries.

FlashX is grouped according to the Flash Player version, not the ActionScript version.

Many features are only available and/or change based on the player version, not the language version.

The player version automatically implies the language version since that itself is a feature.

FlashX is designed similar to XNA, DirectX, OpenGL, and OGRE. The syntax, concepts, and terminology are minor, making FlashX very easy to learn.
Last updated on October 24th, 2009

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