mySqlDump Database Backup

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mySqlDump Database Backup is a PHP script that allows you to backup your MySQL databases.




mySqlDump Database Backup is a PHP script that is executed either on a scheduled basis or manually via your browser.

- backup any number of databases but only one database per execution of the script. So each database to be backed up must have a separate cron table entry. This makes it less likely that the script will exceed your system’s PHP script time limit. The backup file is deleted from the server the next time the database is backed up via this script.
- Backup all or only specified tables in the database.
- for each backup file, send you an email containing a download link.
- optionally, supress the emails and, via your browser, download all backup files bundled in one zip archive.
- optionally, optimize the tables in the database.
- send an email if error conditions are encountered.
- optionally optimize tables in the databases
- deletes old backup files from the server when new backups are created
- eliminates transfering the backups to your PC using an FTP client or worse, excruciatingly slow transfer via email attachments
- has an HTML user guide
Last updated on January 22nd, 2008

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