jOOQ 3.1.0 / 3.2.0 Alpha 01

A tool for Java database object oriented querying

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What's new in jOOQ 3.0.0:

  • Factory has been split into DSL (static QueryPart construction) and DSLContext (Query execution, "attached" QueryPart construction). This greatly improves the overall DSL experience while allowing for more fine-grained Executor lifecycle control.
  • A ConnectionProvider has been introduced as an abstraction of the JDBC Connection lifecycle. The standalone Connection and pooled DataSource modes are still supported, but you can now inject your own ConnectionProvider for more control.
  • A lot of performance improvements have been implemented within the jOOQ API removing most of the overhead caused by jOOQ when fetching data from JDBC
  • A JDBC Mock API has been added to help you create simple unit tests for your application built on top of jOOQ.
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Apache License

5.0/5 3
Lukas Eder
MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Access, Flat file
C: \ Database Tools
It combines active records, stored procedures, advanced data types, complex SQL, typesafety, source code generation and Java in a fluent, intuitive DSL.

jOOQ generates a simple Java representation of the database schema.

For every table, view, stored procedure, enum, UDT is a class.

jOOQ implements an easy-to-use active record pattern. It is NOT an OR-mapper, but provides a 1:1 mapping between tables/views and classes. Between columns and members.

It also allows for writing compile-time typesafe querying using its built-in DSL.

jOOQ supports all standard SQL language features including the more complex UNION's, nested SELECTs, JOINs, aliasing

jOOQ allows developers the use of vendor-specific extensions such as stored procedures, UDT's, ARRAY's and many more.

Last updated on August 29th, 2013

Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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