GeoLite City

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A database add-on which provides details about an user's city based on his IP address




If an IP is provided, using the instructions and APIs provided on the program's homepage, applications can be written to convert and/or retrieve information about that user's location.

It can retrieve the country code, region, city, postal code, latitude, longitude, metro code and area code based on an IP, and the range it's situated in.

Besides public IPs, some proxies and satellite providers are also supported.

The database is updated monthly, at the beginning of each month, so a redownload is necessary.

GeoIP City is a more accurate version of this module, but its a commercial script.

GeoLite has an accuracy of 79% on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius, while GeoIP of 83% on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius.
Last updated on March 16th, 2013

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