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An advanced Web interface for MongoDB that allows users to create, manage, edit and delete MongoDB databases, collections and documents





Genghis is to MongoDB what phpMyAdmin is for MySQL.

It's a powerful visual interface for developers, allowing them to abstract basic MongoDB operations to a visual interface, accessible through the users' browsers or mobile phones.

Genghis runs from just one single PHP file.

It is also available as a GEM file.

Both Ruby and PHP versions are packaged together in the download archives. The GEM file is available separately.

The Ruby version is also Ruby on Rails 3.x compatible.
Last updated on March 24th, 2014
Genghis - Genghis can be used to manage a MongoDB database via the browserGenghis - Multiple MongoDB databases can be managed at the same timeGenghis - Details about each database can be consultedGenghis - Genghis supports keyboard shortcutsGenghis - Genghis can manage a database's data collectionsGenghis - For each collection, details can be viewed easily with GenghisGenghisGenghis - Data can also be deleted via the Genghis interfaceGenghis - Individual MongoDB documents can be managed as wellGenghis - Documents can be edited...Genghis - Documents can be deleted...Genghis - Documents can be added...Genghis - Individual queries can be run on the database whenever neededGenghis - Data can also be searched with GenghisGenghis - Genghis also comes with support for mobile devices

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