Apache CouchDB

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A document-oriented database developed at the Apache Software Foundation, written in Erlang and conforming with classic NoSQL principles





Apache CouchDB was initially developed at IBM and donated later on to the Apache Software Foundation.

Compared to other databases around, CouchDB is still very young, but this has not stopped it from gathering quite a following in its short lifespan.

The CouchDB engine has been at the forefront of the recent wave of NoSQL systems, database engines that use a key-value model to store their data in local JSON documents.

Recorded data can still be queried but not with a classic SQL syntax. Instead a special syntax is used, in CouchDB's case via a custom query language executed via JavaScript.

The database itself has been quite a success, even before reaching Apache's portfolio, and is currently in use at companies like the BBC, Ubuntu, Engine Yard and Credit Suisse.

This release leads to the Apache CouchDB source code download. For the binary please refer to the Mac and Windows sections.
Last updated on September 6th, 2014

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