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A Live Help and Live Support System, which easily connects a support server to a desktop environment






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LiveZilla is not a hosted solution, which means that LiveZilla needs to be installed on the local computer and on the webserver as well.

It comes in two parts, a server client which runs on a PHP & MySQL server, and a desktop client which connects the server to the staff's PCs.

Alternatively an IIS & MS-SQL version can alse be used.

Tickets or live chats are automatically redirected from the server to the admin'ssupport PC.

The full package contains the LiveZilla Server (PHP), LiveZilla Server Admin for Windows, LiveZilla Operator Client for Windows and the LiveZilla Webclient.
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
LiveZilla - Server InstallationLiveZilla - Server ProfileLiveZilla - LiveZilla web server pageLiveZilla - Client app loginLiveZilla - Webclient, sending a message, initiating a chatLiveZilla - LiveZilla client geolocation mapLiveZilla - Viewing details about clientsLiveZilla - Left window - desktop client notification about a chat; right window - webclient chat windowLiveZilla - Accepting a chat on the desktop clientLiveZilla - Conversation in progress on both windowsLiveZilla - Rating support on the web clientLiveZilla - Sending support a file on the web clientLiveZilla - Emoticons on the web clientLiveZilla - Support profileLiveZilla - Customizing the desktop clientLiveZilla - Client LogsLiveZilla - Archived conversationsLiveZilla - Link GeneratorLiveZilla - Embedable web buttonsLiveZilla - Customizing the web buttons/bannersLiveZilla - User managementLiveZilla - Group managementLiveZilla - Editing user detailsLiveZilla - Editing group detailsLiveZilla - Server configurationLiveZilla - Database informationLiveZilla - Security server settingsLiveZilla - Desktop icon tray alert message

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