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A flat-file PHP CMS to help manage the task of setting up and running a website without the need for extensive knowledge of Web design






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razorCMS does not require a database engine, the content being stored in flat files on the Web server at a specified location.

This reduces page delivery times by eliminating the wait and weight of a database engine sending its content to the PHP compiler, but also restricts the complexity of the data that can be stored.

The CMS features an administration interface overlaid on top of the website and using an on-page editor that lets users change the content of any page.

Through this interface, webmasters can built complex site layouts utilizing a point-and-click editing experince, adding or removing content blocks, the text of each section, and available menu options.

The razorCMS core functionality can be improved with extensions and themes, which can easily be installed via the administration panel.

Multi-user accounts are also supported, along with an auto-upgrade tool.

The CMS was built with modern technologies like Bootstrap, FontAwesome, and AngularJS, which also allows it to render correctly on tablets and mobile devices.

Couple all these features with its easy installation procedure that only requires the admin to move the razorCMS folder to a server, and you have a top-notch CMS at your disposal for building beautiful, responsive websites.
Last updated on April 30th, 2015
razorCMS - The razorCMS comes with a password-protected page management interfacerazorCMS - The CMS can be used without a database present on the serverrazorCMS - Editing the content is very easy, razorCMS using a point-and-click experiencerazorCMS - screenshot #4razorCMS - screenshot #5razorCMS - screenshot #6razorCMS - screenshot #7razorCMS - screenshot #8razorCMS - screenshot #9razorCMS - screenshot #10razorCMS - screenshot #11razorCMS - screenshot #12

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