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A Content Management System powerful enough to power any website or intranet, developed on modern programming techniques and technologies






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SilverStripe is not only a complex PHP-based CMS, but a very versatile one also. It can be used to build, manage, and organize any Web-based application in various fields of activity.

SilverStripe is extremely well documented and comes with lots of themes and modules to help developers extend the default functionality with new tools and features.

Developed on the SilverStripe Framework, this CMS is one of the most respected CMSs in the business, not only because of the well-crafted end product, but also because of the underlying codebase as well.

As for features, the SilverStripe CMS is well in tune with current practices, providing an installation wizard with every distribution, Composer integration, a beautiful admin panel, themes, modules, and many other more.

These features will help developers get started on their projects, and provide a solid product at the end of their efforts as well.
Last updated on September 20th, 2015
SilverStripe - SilverStripe includes an easy to use page management toolSilverStripe - A simple WYSIWYG editing experience is used to manage the page's content and some of its settingsSilverStripe - screenshot #3SilverStripe - screenshot #4SilverStripe - A file manager is included with the base distribution of the SilverStripe CMSSilverStripe - A simple multi-file uploader is also includedSilverStripe - A reports center allows admins an introspective view over their siteSilverStripe - Users can be added and edited via the SilverStripe CMS backendSilverStripe - Users can also be organized in groupsSilverStripe - SilverStripe also allows administrators to setup user rolesSilverStripe - A settings page allows users to customize their site's theme and various other settingsSilverStripe - screenshot #12SilverStripe - Every user can also customize his own profile's settingsSilverStripe - A default theme is included with any SilverStripe distribution

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