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A simple Ruby CMS, yet a very powerful publishing engine for small teams, built with Ruby on Rails and based on the Textpattern PHP CMS






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Limited by the lower adoption rate Ruby has had, not that many people got to know Radiant CMS across the years.

This small CMS is one of the most versatile and customizable CMSs created across time, a solid base on which various types of websites, with various types of layouts and content can be built.

Heavily accentuating content and code reuse, Radiant CMS not only provides the tools for developers and editors to do so, but they're also deep engrained in the admin interface as well.

You won't see many CMSs like Radiant where code snippets, assets, and layouts occupy such a central, visible role in the backend, letting new-comers know from the start they're dealing with a professional tool.
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
Radiant CMS - The Radiant CMS admin panel is password protectedRadiant CMS - Once logged in, administrators can start adding and editing pagesRadiant CMS - The content of each page is fully editable and lots of developer-friendly options are providedRadiant CMS - A file uploader is also included with the assets management sectionRadiant CMS - Multiple asset types can be managed via the interfaceRadiant CMS - Page layouts, stylesheets, JS files, and reusable code snippets can be organized and stored in the Radiant CMS backendRadiant CMSRadiant CMSRadiant CMSRadiant CMS - A settings section is also included, where admins can modify various Radiant CMS optionsRadiant CMS - Each user can edit his own profile as wellRadiant CMS - Radiant CMS also supports multi-user installations, with different user rolesRadiant CMS - The core Radiant CMS features can be extended via modules

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